Germany: Turkish president critical of language tests

Germany: Turkish president critical of language tests

Via Deutsche Welle:
In addition to expressing his desire to pick up the pace on stalled talks with the EU regarding membership, Gül called for visa restrictions for Turkish business travelers to be loosened to facilitate better economic relationships. Wulff lent his support to this idea and recommended that the government review these policies.

However, Wulff held his ground in the face of Gül's criticism of Germany's policy regarding a language test for people in Turkey who move to be with a spouse in Germany. Since 2007, anyone coming to Germany following marriage must pass a language test in order to be allowed to come. Gül said this clause was a violation of human rights.

Wulff said that while "no one wants assimilation," integration in German society was not possible without basic language skills.

Gül’s visit coincides with the 50th anniversary the 1961 Turkish-German labor recruitment agreement, which ushered in a large wave of Turkish guest workers to Germany.