Norway: Grandma 'waging battle against Islam'

Norway: Grandma 'waging battle against Islam'

Via TV 2 (Norwegian):

Commentator Mohammad Usman Rana wrote a column on dementia and the right to vote before the elections. Afterwards he got an email which said: "We had four hundred thousand Germans in five years. they were Sunday school children compared to your Islamists. Many thanks to Breivik. Just a same he must be in prison. But fortunately we have more."

He wasn't alone. In August, a month after the terror attacks, TV 2-journalist Kadafi Zaman got an email from the same person. "Go to hell. Muslims are bastards."

Two weeks later I got another email: "Every day I think of Anders Behring Breivik. Pray that God watches over him."

After trying to answer the emails, without success, we decided to visit the sender. It was an elderly woman, living outside Oslo.

After July 22nd, the Norwegian Security Service (PST) got over 700 tips. The woman we visited was one of the names which came up.

The woman invited me and TV 2's photographer in. She looked like an upstanding woman, and it turned out she previously worked in home care and was active in the Salvation Army. She now fights against Islam, but admits she doesn't know so much about Islam.

"I just know what I hear on TV about Sharia laws and such things."

In the kitchen the elderly woman has a picture of the Mohammed cartoon.

She says Muslims are worse than the Germans in Norway during the war. "They went to sleep at 9pm. They didn't harm a soul. I was a young and pretty girl during the war. They called 'hey, pretty girl' to me, and were disciplined."

But when TV2 confronted her directly with the emails, she tone turned meeker. But she supported her 'thanks to Breivik'.

"Yes, he put things on the table. We should be a little more careful with immigration."

Q: But do you need to kill 77 people?

A: No, absolutely not.

Q: You also sent this email to me: "Every day I think of Anders Behring Breivik. Pray that God watches over him."

A: Yes, I did. God is just as happy with him as he is with you and me.

She told TV 2 that she did not discuss Islam with her friends, only on the Net, and therefore asked we don't show her face or name.