Paris: Incident between Jews and Muslims

Paris: Incident between Jews and Muslims

Via Maville, CRIF (French, h/t Philosemetism):

An incident between Jews and Muslims in the Paris suburb of Vigneux-sur-Seine this past Saturday ended with three injured and mutual complaints to the police.

According to a police source, a group of three young women (aged 17 to 22) approached a family of five about 500 meters from the local synagogue. One of the girls said "they're Arabs like us", at which point the Jewish family answered "we aren't Arabs, we're Jews! What do you have against Jews?"

The incident deteriorated into violence, though the order of events is unclear. The girls hurled antisemitic insults ('dirty Jews'). A 22 year old Jew was injured while beating up the father of one of the girls, who lives nearby. His daughter also sustained bruises.

There are rumors that the young girls were arrested and then released after the police department was besieged by Arabs, but according to the Jewish umbrella organization CRIF, these rumors are false.