Warsaw: Legia 'Jihad' at Europa League match

Warsaw: Legia 'Jihad' at Europa League match

Jihad banner displayed by the non-Muslim fans of Legia Warszawa

Via Polish Radio:
Should a banner displayed by fans during the Legia Warszawa versus Hapoel Tel Aviv Europa League match last night concern UEFA officials ahead of the Euro 2012 football championships?


But editor of the Hebrew Section at Polish Radio’s External Service, Jaroslaw Kociszewski, who was at the game, says that despite the sign displayed before the match saying “Legia Jihad” – which can be seen during many domestic fixtures at the Warsaw stadium – Legia fans were boisterous, but generally well behaved.

“ I heard no anti-Semitic chanting and saw no aggression,” Kociszewksi says.

“There is a new atmosphere at Legia’s stadium,” he says, referring to the newly refurbished ‘Pepsi Stadium’. “Families are returning to the ground and the police presence was not over-bearing or provocative.”

“You can see the ‘Jihad’ banner at many Legia home games,” he adds.