Denmark: Schools to teach Islam class from first grade

Denmark: Schools to teach Islam class from first grade

Via the Copenhagen Post:
Danish students used to only learn about other religions once they had reached seventh grade, but a recent decision by parliament has introduced the teaching of other religions, such as Islam, into the Christianity studies curriculum at a much younger age


Many of the schools that have adopted the new curriculum are in Copenhagen. The deputy mayor for integration, Anna Mee Allerslev, hopes more schools will follow.

“It’s important that we move away from simply teaching about Christianity in the youngest years,” Allerslev said. “Many young Muslims are drawn toward radical interpretations of Islam because they gain much of their knowledge about the religion from the media. Some think that women have to wear head scarves and they have to hate Christians in order to be a good Muslim. Young Muslims can get a much more balanced relationship to their religion if they are taught about it in school. I have long thought that we need to improve our children’s knowledge on the subject.”

Allerslev added that it could improve integration by challenging the prejudices of Christians about Islam.