Jihad News

Jihad News

I usually post these in the 'in other news' feed, but there were so many items of interest over the past few days I thought they deserved their own post.

Update: Abdelkader Merah is the brother of terrorist Mohamed Merah (Thanks M.)

* Abdelkader Merah, father of terrorist Mohamed Merah was investigated by the Belgian police in 2007-2008 for recruiting Jihadists, as part of a larger investigation into a Belgian Jihadist cell. However, there was insufficient evidence to press charges.

* Investigators believe an accomplice sent Merah's terror music clip to al-Jazeera. Al-Jazeera decided not to air the clip. Police are also looking for a possible accomplice in helping Merah with his scooter.

* Russia Today speculates that Merah might have been an informant of French intelligence. [Grain of salt: RT love conspiracy theories]

* A Franco-Algerian nuclear scientist is on trial for allegedly plotting terror attacks in France


In a video clip posted online, Mulla Krekar threatens Norway with suicide attacks and kidnappings. Once Norway will become an Islamic state, Muslims will be able to avenge the wrongs done to him, he says, just like the Jews did.

The Norwegian Security Service PST reports it is following about a hundred extreme Muslims in Norway.


* A 20 year old was jailed for distributing Internet 'Islamist propaganda'.

* Germany is currently monitoring 130 individuals seen as 'Islamist threats' capable of turning violent at any time


Al-Qaeda's 'librarian' was arrested in Valencia this week. He was a key player in the organization's propaganda and recruitment efforts.


The European Court of Human Rights ordered Italy to pay compensation to Mohamed Mannai. Mannai had been deported to Tunisia in 2010 after serving jail time for terror charges. Maani was linked to Ansar al-Islam, Krekar's terror group.

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