Dresden: City commemorates 'veil martyr'

Dresden: City commemorates 'veil martyr'

The city of Dresden on Thursday paid its respects to a pregnant Egyptian woman who was stabbed to death in a courtroom one year ago in a racially motivated crime that outraged the Muslim world.

Officials including Saxon Justice Minister J├╝rgen Martens honoured the memory of 31-year-old Marwa El-Sherbini, dubbed the “veil martyr,” with a plaque to serve as a warning against racism.

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"One year ago all of us were forced to realise the deadly logic of the hatred of foreigners," said Martens, adding that the murder had shaken "Dresden, Germany and the entire world."

Members of the local Muslim community took part in the ceremony and a commemorative march was held later in the day.


The murder, as well as the slow reaction of Germany’s politicians and media, sparked outrage in Sherbini’s home country, as well as in the wider Muslim world.

"This deed will not be forgotten," said Dresden Mayor Helma Orosz.


Source: The Local

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