Norway: 'We want a Taliban-free Norway'

Norway: 'We want a Taliban-free Norway'

Norwegian Muslim Mohyeldeen Mohammad of Larvik praised Allah for the death of four Norwegian soldiers in Afghanistan Sunday. The statement caused Frp politician Jan Fredrik Vogt of Sande to demand a Taliban-free Vestfold and Norway and to call to deny the Muslim from returning to the county, be it as a 'guest, resident or traveling through'.

Minutes after Norwegian media announced that four Norwegian were killed in Faryab province in Afghanistan, Mohyeldeen Mohammad posted the following on his Facebook page: "Allah Akbar! Norwegian terrorists killed in Afghanistan! Alhamdulillah, praised be Allah, this will be celebrated!"

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Arfan Bhatti, who'd been acquitted on terrorism charges, agrees. "Norwegian soldiers are terrorists. They should take into account they will be killed," Bhatti told VG Nett.

"It should be allowed to say what he does, but it should also be allowed to object. That's what I'm doing. I was greatly provoked when I read what he had said after it was announced that four Norwegian soldiers were killed by a car bomb in Afghanistan," Vogt told Nettavisen.

Q: When you urge people not to offer Mohyeldeen Mohammad housing, aren't you trying to gag his statements?

"No, as stated he can express himself as he does, but it should be allowed to say that such elements are unwanted, as we do for example, in connection to establishing criminal motorcycle gangs. I will also draw a comparison to the time Brumunddal turned their backs on Arne Myrdal. The Vestfold community should also do the same to Mohyeldeen Mohammad."

Vogt says that Mohyeldeen Mohammad take freedom of speech in Norway as a matter of course, while he attacks those who try to prepare the ground for democratic values in Afghanistan.

"I think that's a big paradox. It's even worse when he exults over the fact that Norwegian soldiers who participate in this mission are killed," he said.

Q: But do you understand that it's a different view of the US and NATO's war in Afghanistan?

"Yes, it's a different view, and Mohyeldeen Mohammad advocates a Taliban view. It's important to remember that we aren't there against the wishes of the Afghanis, but maybe against the wishes of the Taliban and some warlords."

Vogt says he thinks Norway should participate in the mission in Afghanistan as long as it's needed.

"If we pull out too early, the confidence in us from those who want freedom will be crushed. It will all be wasted."

On his blog Vogt wrote as follows:

"I also want to urge not to exalt Mohyeldeen Mohammad's statements as representative of Norwegian or 'all' Muslims. Neither he nor his yes-man, the hyper-criminal Arfhan Bhatti, deserve it. I would actually prefer that they both take a long walk off a short pier!"

Q: What are you trying to imply here?

"It was intended with a little humor. I want to say that those two need to cool down a little," says Vogt.

Vogt's party colleague in Larvik, the head of the local chapter Knut Anvik, doesn't support Vogt's call for a boycott.

"We didn't discuss this in the local chapter, but my position is that people like Mohyeldeen Mohammad should instead be hushed up. He should be allowed to think what he does, but it's sad to note that he has such opinions," says Anvik.

Nettavisen tried to contact Mohyeldeen Mohammad by phone, so far without success.

One of the soldiers who was killed, Lieutenant Commander Trond André Bolle (41), had been involved in kidnapping the children of Norwegian-Moroccan Khalid Skah from Morocco. Last July the two children escaped their father and fled to the Norwegian embassy. Together with two friends from the Norwegian special forces, Trond André Bolle helped them get to their mother in Norway, Anne Cecilie Hopstock. The soldiers were off-duty and weren't paid for the job. The case led to tensions between Morocco and Norway.

Sources: Nettavisen, VG 1, 2 (Norwegian)

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