Austria: Chechen terrorist mastermind arrested

Austria: Chechen terrorist mastermind arrested

Previous reports said that the cell had no concrete plans.

Via VRT:
Austria's Interior Ministry says police have detained a Chechen fugitive, who was sought on an EU arrest warrant for allegedly planning an attack in Belgium and being involved in recruiting terrorist fighters.

The ministry's spokesman Rudolf Gollia told the Austria Press Agency on Saturday that the man, who lived in a village 70 kilometres south of Vienna, was arrested at the capital's main airport while returning from a trip to Mecca on Wednesday.

At the airport Austrian investigators also seized a mobile phone and a computer.

The Austrian daily Krone claims that the terrorists wanted to target a train carrying NATO troops.


32-year-old Aslambek L. is thought to be the brain behind a Chechen terrorist outfit based in Antwerp. Belgian public prosecutors confirmed that the suspect has links to the terrorist suspects arrested in the northern port city two weeks ago.