Oslo: Krekar praises Theo van Gogh's killer

Oslo: Krekar praises Theo van Gogh's killer

Via the Foreigner (h/t DW):
Muslim extremist Mullah Krekar praised the man who killed Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh during a demonstration against Quran burning.

Calling the man “courageous” at Friday’s peaceful protest against the recent action by Afghanistan-based US military members, he told about 100 people, “In 2004, Mohammed Bouiri, a young and courageous Moroccan man, killed the Dutch filmmaker in the middle of the street by shooting and stabbing him in retaliation for the Quran and love of Islam.”


Khalid Faraj Ahmed, Mulla Krekar's brother (Dagbladet): "He spoke about Koran burnings in various coutnries, and that we shouldn't accept anybody exploiting freedom of expression in this way. The Koran must be respected. Burning the Koran is not freedom of expression, it's an insult."

Most of the demonstrators were Kurds who live in Norway. They were protesting a film prepared by two Kurds showing them burning the Koran. Krekar is currently on trial for threatening to kill them.