Sharia in the Netherlands?

Klein Verzet brought an interesting initiative by GroenLinks party in Rotterdam. The proposal is designed to encourage integration of immigrant women by giving them priority in such things as integration courses.

Their five point plan is as follows:

1. Stronger support for "living room projects" designed to reach women at the neighborhood level.

2. Priority for women where possible and necessary, for example, by integration courses and support for women organization.

3. Emancipation courses for men. For example: when an organization asking for subsidy have only men in their directorship, they will be obligated to do emancipation courses.

4. Extra security in public. For example: there will be a separate carriage for women in the night train (with supervision).

5. Child care compensation for women on social security who get a job.

I have read through their full plan, and though their "separate carriage" idea looks scary, there are good reasons for it. If you want these women to go out and get a job, learn the language and integrate into society, you might want to consider helping them out to do so. "Women only" parking spaces are something that can be found in Europe, not only for Muslims, but because when it comes to sexual violence - women tend to be the victim and males the aggressors.

Fighting against sexual violence and domestic violence, reaching out to immigrant women in their homes in order to enable them to join society - these are commendable goals and are in society's interest.

The way of going about things might be up for discussion, though. That is, having "women only" train carriages, as well as parking spaces etc, takes away from the responsibility of the police and society to make sure women are safe wherever they go. If women aren't safe on the trains, put on more police and make sure they are.

A more basic point I saw in the GroenLinks plan which I didn't agree with: the plan lists measures designed to remove threats, such as sexual and domestic violence. One of these threats is "honor murder".

Honor murder is an extreme form of domestic violence. It can be found not only in immigrant circles, but also by the ethnic Dutch (only then it is called "family drama"). ["Family drama" is a case when a family member kills off his family.]

This shows a basic misunderstanding of what "honor murder" is. It is true that both cases usually involve murder of wives and children, but that's where the comparison ends. In any other way, they are diametrically opposites.

An honor murder stems from the murderer's sense of responsibility towards his family and society while a family drama comes when the murderer loses his sense of responsibility. An "honor" murderer is in charge of his faculties, while a "family drama" one can usually be considered insane.

A "family drama" is usually unexpected, even when the murderer has a personal record of previous domestic violence, while an "honor murder" usually has a very clear cause and effect. It is therefore much more severe, as the murderer is working by simple logic.

Additionally there is the important part of society's support. The general murderer is not supported by society, while the "honor" murderer is acting because his society is expecting him to do it. They shun the victim and applaud the murderer.

Source: GroenLinks (Dutch)

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