Tom, Jerry and the Jewish Conspiracy

Transcript and video clip can be found on the Memri site.

Sources: Dry Bones (English), Memri (English)


nouille said...

I want to laugh but it's scary at the same time!

I live next to the high rise building " the Walt Disney channel"

perhaps I should move?

nouille said...

as far as I know Disney was not Jewish.

Esther said...

Not that it matters either way, but as far as I know, he wasn't Jewish.

What I found on Wikipedia:
Disney was born in Chicago, Illinois to Elias Disney and the former Flora Call. He was of English, Irish and German heritage. Walt was named after his father and after his father's close friend Walter Parr, the minister at St. Paul Congregational Church.

And on his relation to religion:
In an essay called "Deeds Rather than Words"[2] Disney talked about prayer in his life saying "I am personally thankful that my parents taught me at a very early age to have a strong personal belief and reliance in the power of prayer for Divine inspiration. My people were members of the Congregational Church in our home town of Marceline, Missouri." However, Walt Disney was not a frequent visitor to churches. Religious people would occasionally ask him to make religious films, but Walt declined. But in the same essay he explained, "Deeds rather than words express my concept of the part religion should play in everyday life. I have watched constantly that in our movie work the highest moral and spiritual standards are upheld, whether it deals with fable or with stories of living action."