Study of Dutch immigrant women

A new study in Holland by the Social and Cultural Planning Bureau (SCP) shows that immigrant women are willing to do more paid work than they now do, and have less traditional notions than often thought.

However immigrant women are still educated less than average, work less, have lower incomes and feel less healthier than ethnic Dutch women. The 2nd generation is busy making up for the past differences.

The number of kids per Moroccan women has gone down from 6 in 1983 to 3.3 in 2005. Daughters aren’t kept home from school and marriage is no longer seen as a reason to stop work. Barely 25% of young women think that women should stay home to care for the children.

According to the SCP a high level of education is crucial for giving women a better place in society.

According to Minister Verdonk, Dutch minister of Integration, there is a need to make sure 1st generation women get a good education as well. 2/3 of the 1st generation Turkish and Moroccan women have no more than basic education, and that includes almost all of the 25,000 ‘imported’ brides that came to the Netherlands last year.

Source: Volkskrant (Dutch)


Kiddo said...

I hope Verdonk keeps it up.

Thank you for this blog, by the way. My Dutch is coming along at a decent pace, but following the news in Dutch is still a challenge, even with all of the Dutch translating I've been doing. I'm learning Dutch rather backwards, I think!

Esther said...

Thanks :-) I enjoy getting feedback, and I'm glad you're getting use out of my blog

Kiddo said...

Very much so, thank you Esther. I may as well just get it over with and move there as I'm obviously obsessed with all things Dutch. But at the moment, sites like yours are absolutely priceless to me.

I am working on a project to bring some of the books of Pim Fortuyn to America at the moment, but I'm also translating columns myself. Slow going when I don't have help. A few are up at my site already. Luckily with regards to the books, I won't have to do the actual work!