Belgium: 1 million foreigners

Belgium has slightly more than 1 million aliens (1,004,071). Foreigners that have received Belgian nationality as well as illegal aliens are not included in this count.

The biggest group are the Italians (175,692) followed by French (123,236) and Dutch (113,570), Moroccans, Spanish and Turks. Moroccans and Turks are underrepresented as many of them do hold Belgian citizenship.

All Belgian municipalities have foreigners with Horebeke in East Flanders having the smallest number (19) and Antwerp having the most (71,813). The Brussels region has 307,430 foreigners.

The number of foreigners in Belgium grows every year by about 20,000-25,000. Most immigrants come through family reunification – both with immigrants bringing in a bride from their homeland, and with ethnic Belgians who seek a partner in “bride donor lands” in Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America.


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