Netherlands: Muslims in the armed forces

The yearly report of the Dutch military intelligence (MIVD) says that the Dutch intelligence service and military intelligence service are investigating an unknown number of radical Muslims serving in the armed forces. There has been a grown number of reports of military and civilian workers for defense who have profess and spread radical Islamic ideas, though the report does not state how many have been investigated.

The report says that the MIVD is very much on alert for signals of Islamic radicalism within the armed forces. It has been paying special attention to this issue as well since the Dutch Defense has decided to try and attract more Muslim youngsters. According to the report youngsters between the ages of 17 and 25 are much more susceptibe to radical Islam. Radicalism can also comes from experiences in such places as Afghanistan or Iraq.

The MIVD is also on alert for extreme right kids who join the army having extreme right or racist ideas.

People who are considered a risk have their "declaration of no objections" withdrawn, and are prevented from performing confidential duties. The declaration had been withdrawn in 2004 for 61 people, while in 2005 this went up to 98, usually as a result of a crimminal record or less severe previous judicial experience.

Source: Parool (Dutch)

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