Germany: Merkel to meet Islamic leaders

German Chancellor Angela Merkel plans to have talks later this year with leaders of the country's 3.3 million Muslims, a report said Wednesday.

Merkel is due to invite the heads of 16 Islamic groups to the chancellery before parliament's summer recess to boost dialogue after worldwide protests over cartoons depicting the Muslim Prophet Mohammed, said the newspaper Die Welt.

The move comes amid unprecedented calls by German teachers for the closure of a Berlin high school following massive disruptions by Arab and Turkish students.

Chancellor Merkel expressed alarm over any such move and officials agreed to keep the school open with beefed up security and additional teachers.

"We must deal with the root of the problem," said Merkel.

In a related development, the Islamic Religious Community of Berlin, published a nine-page "state treaty" it is proposing to be signed by Merkel and German Muslim leaders.

The treaty calls on Berlin to provide Muslims with places of worship in public buildings and to mandate more coverage of Islam on state-funded public TV.

Muslim community members should be given access to German public schools in order to conduct Islamic religious instruction, the treaty says.

The German government should also start paying the Muslim community about 6.1 million euros (7.4 million dollars) a year to fund activities and administrative costs, says the draft treaty.

Mainly Muslim Turks numbering about 2.5 million are Germany's biggest minority out of a total population of 82 million.

Source: Expatica (English)

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The_Editrix said...

Hi Esther! Thanks for posting the above entry at my blog and I will gladly reply to your question, at least as far as I can. Actually, it's a good question! But first let me say that Expatica is the worst politically correct dhimmified cesspool imaginable. Don't believe a word you read there. Compared with it, Al Jazeera is a cornucopia of Western values.

I couldn't find any mentioning of a "state treaty" in the German media, just a somewhat noncommital relatively short notice in DIE WELT about a planned meeting of Merkel and some (not yet specified) representatives of the German Muslims.

A Google search Islam Merkel Berlin (which would work in German and English) only has one hit: That very article at Expatica!

Regarding the "state treaty", in that context only the privilege of the bigger Christian Churches and the Jewish community to be recipients of "church tax", Kirchensteuer, occurs to me. In Germany, the state collects funds -- "tax" -- for the major religious entities. It is a uniquely German thing, dates back to the mid-19th century and is under heavy criticism (as far as I am concerned rightfully so) because it is a flagrant violation of the separation of church and state.

However, if the German Muslims think they'll get such a "state treaty" they ought to have their heads examined. They have done anything to prove that they are part of the global death cult the idiot President of the United States calls a "religion of peace". It has FINALLY hit the media how the members of that death cult are treating their host culture and in return for that they want... TAX MONEY?

I can't believe it. Neither Muslims nor dhimmies as depraved as Expatica can mean THAT. Maybe we'll find out about what they are talking if it's not just wishful thinking anyway.

Again, thanks for your interest!