Aarhus: Immigrant ghetto could become a 'state within a state'

Aarhus: Immigrant ghetto could become a 'state within a state'

Translated from JP (h/t Uriasposten):

The Aarhus municipality recently held a meeting on how to make the Gellerup immigrant ghetto a safer place. Several social workers of non-Danish origin warn of the developments in Gellerup.

"We are heading towards a 100% parallel society, if we don't intervene now. It's become normal for people to clear up problems behind closed doors," says Wamid Hassan, coordinator for Unge 4 Unge (Youth4Youth), who is doing outreach work among children and youth in Gellerup.

He was one of the speakers at the municipality's conference titled "Safety in Gellerup" and he sees a trend where imams are increasing being used to solve conflicts.

The meeting was held after the heated debate this past autumn about ghettos in Denmark. The police then warned about increasing trends towards parallel societies, and later published statistics about falling crime rates to highlight the positive trends.

Another speaker, Fadi Kassem, a social worker with the hotspot project, is also concerned.

"We no longer call a spade a spade. We getting youth filled with hate, filled with contempt towards what we others represent. Therefore the police and the municipal authorities have problems in this area," says Fadi Kassem.