Israel: Huckabee meets with European Freedom parties

Israel: Huckabee meets with European Freedom parties

Translated from INN:

Mike Huckabee, currently in Israel, met today with the heads of the European Freedom parties from Austria, Germany, Sweden, and Belgium, and discussed with them the rise of radical Islam in Europe and the world, and the challenge it poses to the free world.

The parties decided to cooperate in the war against fundamental Islam. Huckabee promised to publicly support anybody who fights this phenomenon, including the Freedom parties in Europe, who lead the struggle against the Islamic religious radicalization which is currently happening across Europe.

Deputy Minister Ayoub Kara (Likud) who organized the meeting between his guests in Israel - various parliament members from Europe - and Mr. Huckabee, concluded: This historic meeting, which combines different forces in the Western world, is a breakthrough in the all-out war against Islamic terror and the disturbing takeover of the Axis of Evil over the countries in the more moderate Arab world. Today we made an important step in curbing these alarming trends by joining forces between Israel, Europe and the US, and we decided to make this issue our top priority."

At the end of the meeting it was decided to hold an international conference in Vienna in the near future, in order to unify the forces in all countries against Islamic religious radicalization.

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