Belgium: "It's as if Molenbeek took the plane hostage"

Belgium: "It's as if Molenbeek took the plane hostage"

About 100 Belgian students were removed from a Ryanair flight this past Saturday after they 'mutinied' and refused to pay additional fees for their baggage. According to one passenger, the youth in question were Belgian-Moroccans.

In a related story from the Netherlands, in a clip posted on YouTube recently, Moroccan youth from the Dutch city of Gouda proudly show off while attacking a girl passing by on her bike. The attack took place in December, apparently, but after the clip was posted police identified the 15 youth involved and will call them in for interrogation. The victim is deathly afraid and police are keeping an eye on her.

One passenger on the Ryanair flight told RTL-TVI:

"They were more than a hundred, slightly excited. In the plane, they rebelled. They thought everything was allowed. One of the youth swore in French and Arabic at the stewardess. Who, therefore, called the police, who detained the youth. The rest of the group clearly didn't like them: they decided to take the rest of the plane hostage. And without air-conditioning. With babies, and elderly people. There were other young people in the plane: they were from ULB. And they were more decent. They even tried to calm the spirits. but in vain..

In short, while the youth from ULB were very good, the others were excited, it's as if Molenbeek took the plane hostage: they were proud, it was an honor for them. we didn't dare move. We were afraid. I couldn't see how we were going to get out..."