Cologne: Explosives found near football stadium, man arrested

Cologne: Explosives found near football stadium, man arrested

Via AP:
German police found possibly explosive devices near a football (soccer) stadium after arresting a man who may have been planning attacks, authorities said Thursday.

The Federal Criminal Police Office said the 25-year-old, who had no previous police record, was arrested in Cologne on Tuesday after emailing anonymous tips about planned attacks to authorities.

Officials found the three devices near Borussia Dortmund's football stadium after questioning the man, the office said. They found another three such objects in his apartment, along with a laptop, chemicals and documents.

The club said the devices were found in a parking lot a few hundred meters (yards) from the stadium. Police say that there was "no terrorist or Islamist background" to the find, it added.

The suspect had initiated email contact with the German Embassy in Pakistan's capital, Islamabad in February, "with the intention of delivering information" on two allegedly planned attacks in Germany, a statement from the police office said.