Germany: New interior minister says Muslims belong

Germany: New interior minister says Muslims belong

For anyone keeping track, Friedrich was last criticized for saying that Islam is not historically part of Germany. Which doesn't really contradict any statement on whether German Muslims 'belong' in German society. Previously President Wulff said that 'Each of us needs to feel 'I belong', and last week Finance Minister Schäuble said that “We have every interest in saying that Islam is a part of our country".

Via Deutsche Welle:
In an interview with German public radio, Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich distanced himself from previous remarks that had upset some Muslims in Germany and said Muslims do indeed belong in German society.

(...) However, during Sunday's interview he seemed to soften this tone.

"The decisive thing for me is that these people belong to this society here," Friedrich said.

The comments come ahead of the annual conference of Islam leaders on Tuesday, which Friedrich will chair.