Denmark: 32% want to ban halal butchering

Denmark: 32% want to ban halal butchering

Via the Copenhagen Post:
In Denmark, where a majority are either Christian or without religion, halal meat is increasingly common. We just don’t know it. While 96 percent of all Danes regularly eat chicken, a full 67 percent are not aware that the chickens are butchered using the halal method, according to a survey conducted by Interresearch for Søndagsavisen.

Bunkenborg believes it is the industry’s responsibility to inform its consumers, but he admits that it is not easy for them to know how the animals have been butchered.

“Some producers have chosen to label their halal products, but they are under no obligation to do so,” he said.

The Danish Consumer Council (DCC) does not think there is a basis for labelling halal-butchered chickens. “There could be a debate about animal welfare during the slaughtering, but the Animal Ethics Council has given the go-ahead in that area,” said Camilla Udsen, a DCC spokesperson.

Despite that, 32 percent of Danes think that halal butchering should be banned over concerns of animal welfare.