Netherlands: Jeweler bans immigrant youth after attacks

Netherlands: Jeweler bans immigrant youth after attacks

Via Telegraaf (Dutch):

Earlier this year, jeweler Jos Kamerbeek of Nijmegen became partially paralyzed when he fought off a burglar and fell together with the immigrant attacker six meters down into a pit. Before that he was shot in the chest by another immigrant burglar. After a series of attacks, he decided to refuse young immigrants access to his store.

A spokesperson for the Gold and Silver Federation says they do not do not applaud the decision, but can understand why he did so, and that there's a lot of fear.

A resident of Nijmegen lodged a complaint against the store by Ieder1Gelijk, the local department for equal treatment. Ieder1Gelijk intends to speak with the jeweler on the issue soon.

Margo Kamerbeek, Jos' wife, says they don't intend to change their policy: If necessary I will explain it to the judge. Moroccans aged 16 have nothing to look for here; they can't buy anything. Why should I bring troubles upon myself by letting them in? All eight attacks were committed by Antilleans and Moroccans."

She says the problem should be dealt with at the source, by the attackers, and that the authorities haven't dealt with this important job.