UK: Muslims proud of gay rights

UK: Muslims proud of gay rights

Pink Paper headlined this article 'British Muslims more proud of gay rights than secular peers, poll claims", but according to the poll breakdown (via Liberal Conspiracy), if you also take into account those who 'tended to agree' with the statement: Muslims are just a bit more proud than Christians, and those with no religion are most proud.

Liberal Conspiracy also points out that the poll was based on an extremely small sample.

Via the Pink Paper:
A recent poll claims that British Muslims are more likely to be proud of gay rights than secular Britons.

The research was conducted by YouGov for a forthcoming Demos essay collection on Conservative attitudes to race and ethnicity in modern Britain.

It concluded that almost half of British Muslims agree with the statement “I am proud of how Britain treats gay people” and found that 15 per cent strongly agreed with the statement, while only 8 per cent of secular Brits strongly agreed.