Norway: Town's police chief warns of the bad sides of Islam

Norway: Town's police chief warns of the bad sides of Islam

Via Aftenposten:

Threats and pressure on Christian converts show Islam's bad sides, says the newly appointed police chief of Sandnes (Rogaland), Steinar Langholm.

Steinar Langholm has previously written letters to the editor to Aftenbladet about Islam, saying that protected dhimmis have less rights than Muslims, while the 'unprotected' will be killed if they don't become Muslims.

"This is nonsense and the allegations have no basis, neither in the Koran nor the practice of the Prophet Muhammad," says Hamzah Ahmed Rajpoot, a political scientist who thinks Langholm spread lies about Islam.

Langholm, who is also the Progress Party a deputy in the Stavanger city council, says he sees in Islam something he doesn't like.

"Islam is a lot. From one extreme to the other. But there are sides of Islam which are problematic in our democracy."

Q: Can you elaborate?

"Without going into concrete cases, for example, Christian converts also in Norway experience threats and pressure from the community," says Langholm, who emphasizes that he has a good relationship with many of the Muslims he has met.

"Some criminals don't like me, but that's true for both Muslims and others," he says.