UK: Far right hardcore 'willing to prepare for armed conflict'

UK: Far right hardcore 'willing to prepare for armed conflict'

Via the Guardian (h/t DW):

The study, From Voting to Violence? Rightwing Extremists in Modern Britain, by Matthew Goodwin, of the University of Nottingham, and Jocelyn Evans, of Salford University, was launched at Chatham House on Thursday .

The report questioned more than 2,000 supporters of "radical-right" and "far-right" groups and found that many endorsed violence, with a "hostile inner core" apparently willing to plan for and prepare for attacks.


The study was based on a survey, carried out by YouGov, of 2,152 people who self identify as supporters of either the British National Party, the UK Independence Party and a smaller sample of English Defence League supporters.

Goodwin said Ukip supporters had been included as a "control group" for comparison with far-right organisations as it was to the right of the Conservatives. "Ukip is not an extreme or violent organisation but it is useful to see what its supporters think in comparison to supporters of other groups," he said.

The authors found that almost half of the BNP supporters in their sample thought "preparing for conflict between different groups is always or sometimes justifiable" and two-fifths considered armed conflict to be "always or sometimes" justifiable.