Belgium: Jeweller robbed

Last Saturday A jeweller in Lede was robbed and killed by three men. The only suspect arrested so far was the driver of the getaway car, Mustapha Aazzani, a 23 year old Belgian-Moroccan from Saint-Gilles.

On Monday Aazzani tried to commit suicide in jail by slitting his wrists, but wasn't seriously wounded. The suspect was later interrogated as to why he tried to commit suicide, but did not co-operate with the investigation. Aazzani had so far denied any involvement in the attack.

The public prosecution has now decided to charge Aazzani as an accomplice to the attack. "The prosecution has enough indications that the arrest suspect is not only an accessory but also an accomplice", says the public prosecution spokesman Theo Byl. Byl did not reveal what those indications were but did point out that Aazzani was present in the store during the events.

The prosecutor has confirmed that the victim died due to the physical violence used by the attackers. According to the autopsy, the cause of death was a combination of the punches that the man received and the violent manner in which he was grabbed and held held down by the throat. The stress and fear that the victim withstood were not the cause of death, though they could have played a part in it.

Source: VRT (Dutch)

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