Antwerp: Schools forbid Muslim veil

Only two secondary schools in the municipal educational system of Antwerp allow their students to come to school with a Muslim veil. Most refuse entrance to girls who come with a veil. More and more schools elsewhere in Flanders are also adding a ban on the Muslim veil to their regulations.

Various Flemish immigrant organization think that the gov't should intervene. They point out that banning the Muslim veil reduces the chances of getting a good education. "Immigrant girls can't choose freely anymore to which school they go and which subjects they will study there. That undermines their chances on the job market" says Nadia Babazia from the Support Point for Immigrant Girls and Women that researched the wearing of the Muslim veil in Flemish schools.

Antwerp alderman of Education, Robert Voorhamme confirms the trend but thinks it's not a problem. "The ban on the veil causes few problems in the schools of Antwerp. Most girls usually take off their veil at the school gate."

Frank Vandenbroucke, Flemish minister of Education and Work, does not want to get involved in the debate. "Every school can decide autonomously is the veil is allowed or not. The gov't may not intervene in it".

Source: HLN (Dutch)

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Iranian Liberty Society 1 said...

I believe this is time for those that value progressive and brave thinkers in the public positions to declare that they are Dutch and they stand with Ms. Rita Verdonk.

The attire of worship can be worn in the houses of worship if it is matter of faith.

The gender specific dress code which primarily is dictated through religious instructions is nothing but tools for male domination.

To the young Muslim women that adamantly use their energy opposing ban of Hejab. Please use your power and energy to fight for full human right for the women of your ancestral birth land.

Start a grass root petition to demand all discriminatory laws against women to be abolished in your foremothers land. Grab a page from your sisters’ struggle for equal rights elsewhere in Islamic world.