Copenhagen: Immigrant school chosen as City's Favorite'

The movie can be seen here [~15MB download]

Copenhagen's best elementary isn't hidden in the suburbs. It is an oasis of learning in an area where children are more likely to be named Mohammed than Magnus

The Tingbjerg neighbourhood is one of those places more likely to appear at the top of crime statistics than education statistics. Yesterday, however, it was blasting preconceived notions of what life at an 'immigrant' school is like.

In a ceremony at City Hall Tuesday, a ninth grade class at Tingbjerg School - where the student body is 90 percent non-ethnic Danes - was named as the winner of the city's inaugural 'City's Favourite' competition as the best school in the city.

Some 700 classes from the city's 65 elementary schools sent in video presentations of their schools to the organising committee. They posted them on the city's website and allowed the public to decide which school was the best place to learn.

Tingbjerg won the competition with a presentation of life through the eyes of non-ethnic Danes. The opening seconds of the video show idyllic views of the woods and lake in the outer-Copenhagen neighbourhood. It then cuts to a Muslim girl in a headscarf praising her school.

During the guided video tour of the school, rap music performed by the students plays in the background as smiling students - including one stereotypical non-ethnic Danish boy wearing a 'Denmark' t-shirt - testify to the good learning environment there.

City education officials and members of the prize's panel of experts felt the Tingberg presentation would go a long way to changing how people looked at similar schools - and how students at those schools looked at themselves.

'Tingbjerg's video is incredibly good,' said Morten Albæk, a member of the expert panel. 'It's about the way that non-ethnic Danes want to put an end to prejudice. They come up with a single answer: getting an education to make yourself smarter than your counterpart.'

Source: Copenhagen Post (English)

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