Netherlands: PVV concerned about growth of Muslim population

Netherlands: PVV concerned about growth of Muslim population

The Dutch PVV (Party for Freedom) is concerned about the quick growth of the Muslim population in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe.  The party of Geert Wilders wants the cabinet to make it clear how many Muslims there are in every European country, at this moment and the estimate for the upcoming years.

Wilders, together with a party member, asked this of PM Jan Peter Balkenende and minister Eberhard van der Laan (integration) Monday.  The PVV is responding to a report this weekend in the British Daily Telegraph which calculates that in 2050, 20% of the Europeans would be Muslim.  The Netherlands leads the rest of the 27 EU countries and will reach the 20% mark before 2050.

According to the calculations 5% of the total EU population last year was Muslim.  The group will increase sharply in the upcoming years through immigration and because ethnic Europeans have less children on average than immigrants.  PVV leader Wilders think the growth prognosis is shocking.

Source: Telegraaf (Dutch)

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