Denmark: DPP demands apology from Muslim countries

Denmark: DPP demands apology from Muslim countries

The Danish People's Party has never been enthusiastic about Islam. Now the party is demanding apologies for several issues - such as ethnic cleansing.

The Danish People's Party is extremely tired of having Muslim countries continue to demand apologies for the controversial Muhammad cartoons.

Therefore the party is now turning the demand around and demands an apology from the Muslims. According to the party's social spokesperson, Martin Henriksen, there's a lot they should apologize for.

"There's stoning, there's flogging, there's Sharia law. there are many of the problems we see in Denmark with some of the descendants and refugees we've taken in. And not just in Denmark, but also in other Western countries there's massive integration problems and problems with crime," he told Newspaq.

"And we can also go back to more historical things, where they performed ethnic cleansing in the name of Islam," Martin Henriksen continues.

He justifies the demand for an apology saying he wants to put things into perspective. The politician think it's ridiculous that Muslim countries demand an apology for the Muhammad cartoons.

"Therefore we play the ball over to the other side of the court and say that they should get a grip on things in their own backyard before they begin to blame others for things and issues which basically are not very serious," says Martin Henriksen.

Source: Avisen (Danish)

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