Belgium: Sharia4Belgium making threats on behalf of Malika El Aroud

Belgium: Sharia4Belgium making threats on behalf of Malika El Aroud

Abu Imran of Sharia4Belgium fame is now threatening anybody who's involved in al-Qaeda leader Malika El Aroud's imprisonment.
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Abu Imran wrote as follows on the Dutch-language ansaar forum:

Salaam Aleikoum,

My Allah make this mujahida, this sister, this mouwahidah, this mouminah, this pearl of the ummah firm. May Allah speedily free her from the hands of the kuffar. May Allah curse, humiliate and punish any person having anything to do with the imprisonment of the sister.

As we've often said, Wa Islamah, Wa Islamah, Wa Islamah.. ["Oh Islam", battle cry urging the Muslims to continue fighting]

Allah, give us a mou3tassim to defend the honor of our sisters!

This sister, this mother, this daughter, this wife was unjustly sentenced and nobody speaks up. Where are the men of the ummah who will break hell loose on the kuffar for 1 moslima, as the prophet pbuh did in Banu Qaynuqa [Jewish tribe wiped by Mohammed[ and as the Moutassim did for our sister in his time.

Abu Imran doesn't want to comment on whether this is calling for violence. "The police and justice should judge that." (NL)

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