CR: Muslims to sue politician for anti-Islam statements

CR: Muslims to sue politician for anti-Islam statements

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The Brno-based Muslim association Libertas Independent Agency will file a complaint against recent statements by Milos Zeman, chairman of the Party of Citizens' Rights of Milos Zeman (SPOZ), that it considers venomous and xenophobic, the association says in a press release for CTK.

The Muslims were angered by Zeman's statement quoted in an article posted on the server.

According to the server, Zeman said the spreading Islam is a threat to Europe.

"The fundamental conflict of the 21st century will be a conflict between Euro-American and Islamic civilisations, between the religion of love and the religion of hatred," Zeman said allegedly.

"We think the statement by Milos Zeman has the characteristic features of the criminal offence of instigating hatred of a group of inhabitants, scare-mongering and defamation of a nation, ethnic group, race and conviction," says the press release.

It is signed by two association deputy chairmen, Lukas Lhotan and Ondrej Adamik.

The Brno Muslims fear that if the SPOZ succeeded in the May 28-29 elections, the Czech Republic would attract negative attention abroad.


Source: Prague Monitor (English)

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