Hijacking the blog feed

Hijacking the blog feed

For the past few months I've been trying to figure out how to deal with people who steal my feed and do not give the Islam in Europe blog proper credit.

Sites like http://www.allah.eu/ use my feed as if it's their own.    Taking all articles I translate and posting it without any credit whatsoever.

In some cases I can turn to the site owner and point out that I do not appreciate having my translated articles posted like that.  But in some cases, there's no site owner to turn to.

I haven't yet come up with a solution, so for now I will just remind people every once in a while that this feed might be hijacked.

If you see this feed without proper credit being given to the Islam in Europe blog (http://islamineurope.blogspot.com/) please contact me (contact details here).

Thank you.

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