Switzerland: Burka ban, but not for tourists

Switzerland: Burka ban, but not for tourists

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Switzerland would ban hiding one's face in public, but will make an exception for Muslims tourists wearing the burka, according to the Swiss minister of justice and police Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf.
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"We must see what is the problem, discuss how we can solve it (...) and how there can be exceptions for example for tourists who come with the burka," said the minister in a TV interview taken up by the press on Monday. ""I think that in Geneva, Graub√ľnden, Lucerne, there should be exceptions for tourists," she insisted.

The minister had already spoken up in favor of banning covering one's face in public - which would apply on the cantonal level, not the federal level - but this is the first time that she mentions having a system of exceptions for Muslim tourists wearing the burka.

Since while Switzerland might have 'several dozen' women who wear the burka, the arrival of wealthy Gulf countries citizens in Geneva, with burka-wearing women, generates hundreds of millions of Swiss francs in sales in this mecca of international luxury.

Source: Figaro (French)

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