Switzerland: Turks unwanted in sperm-bank

Switzerland: Turks unwanted in sperm-bank

Peter Fehr explains that the Swiss couples specifically want to ensure that the sperm donors do not come from the Balkans or Turkey, and that couples of a different ethnicity are referred to a different clinic.

Snooty Swiss sperm banks have denied racism accusations after they banned ethnic minorities from making deposits.

A consumer show investigator posing as a Turkish immigrant was turned down when he tried to get an appointment to become a donor at a clinic in Schaffhausen because he wasn't "Swiss enough."

Clinic head Peter Fehr explained: "We almost exclusively choose donors from Central Europe."

"Ninety per cent of the patients are Swiss middle class couples who want to make sure that their baby is from the same cultural sphere and looks like its parents," he added.

But the revelation has infuriated groups working with ethnic minority groups in the country.


Sources: Austrian Times (English), 20 Minuten (German)

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