Uppsala: Swedish Mohammad cartoonist attacked

Uppsala: Swedish Mohammad cartoonist attacked

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Vilks' lecture was one of several (SE) on the topic of "the limits of freedom of expression in art".
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About 40 people protested outside the hall against Vilks, but were not involved in the attack.

In April another Swedish university canceled a Vilks lecture, fearing violence.

The article below states that Vilks was attacked after he showed 'sexual content'. In this video of the attack (via Reason) the image screened at the beginning is of a work by Iranian-Dutch artist Sooreh Hera, showing two Iranian gay men with masks of Mohammed and Ali. Hera had gotten death threats for her work. (see here and here)

Artist Lars Vilks, who caused controversy by drawing cartoons that depicted the prophet Muhammad as a dog, has been attacked while giving a lecture at Uppsala University.

Vilks, who has been the subject of numerous death threats, was attacked while speaking at the university’s philosophy faculty on Tuesday afternoon. He was not badly hurt.

“The man was sitting in the front row and suddenly came rushing towards me. He headbutted me, and I was thrown against the wall and dropped my glasses,” he said.

According to local newspaper Uppsala Nya Tidning, the atmosphere in the lecture theatre became rowdy after Vilks showed a film with sexual content.

“A crowd of people pushed forward. When a police officer tried to stop them he was hit. As things stand, two people have been arrested,” said police commander Tommy Karlsson.

Vilks was taken to a secure location following the attack.

“I have not been injured, just a bit knocked about,” he said.


Source: The Local (English)

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