Netherlands: Hymen reconstruction doesn't work

Netherlands: Hymen reconstruction doesn't work

Via RNW:
Nearly 90 women were followed over a two-year period at two different hospitals in the Netherlands. The women were closely monitored and supported through the decision-making surrounding hymenoplasty. The researchers offered education and counselling in an effort to banish a number of myths surrounding virginity.

“People believe that women should bleed on their wedding night, but, in truth, only about half of women bleed when they lose their virginity.”

After extensive conversations with the gynaecologist-sexologist, about half the women decided not to proceed with hymen reconstruction. According to Ms van Moorst, those who ultimately decided to have hymenoplasty were motivated by emotions. “They then felt as though they had done everything possible to restore virginity.”

A woman seen in the RNW video below this article tells why women sometimes have no other option. According to Karima:

“In my culture, you can’t tell your parents or your family that you lost your virginity before you got married. My mother could not live with that. I would bring shame on my family and I'd be cast out.”

Ms van Moorst asked the women who chose to have the surgery if it brought the desired bleeding. “Our research revealed that the reconstructions don’t work,” she says. “It was very remarkable, and I'm glad because it this is yet another reason to advise women not to have the operation.”