Belgium: Rescue personnel ambushed

The following report does not mention who the attackers were, and I do not presume that they were Muslim immigrants. However, since this is something that Muslim immigrants have been accused of, it would be interesting to follow up whether that be the case here or not.

Unknown people attacked two ambulance personnel at Maasmechelen Monday evening at about 10pm. Maasmechelen is a town in the Belgian province of Limburg.

One of the nurses got a blow in the face from a fire extinguisher. The two were brought to a hospital.

The incident started when a telephone call was received about a suicide attempt. Two ambulances were sent out, but upon arriving at the scene, did not find anybody. They rode away, but then another call came in from the person who wanted to commit suicide.

The ambulances went out, but again did not find anybody. During the search a group of unknowns attacked the ambulance crew. The attackers are probably six or seven people, who disappeared without a trace.

Teams from the Maasmechelen (Belgian) and Maasland (Dutch) police have started a search, but currently without result. The fire brigade of Maasmechelen was also called to the scene.

Source: HLN (Dutch)

This story is getting a bit weird..

A 32 year old man was arrested for molesting the two rescue workers. Apparently after being called twice to the scene, the rescue workers went looking for the person about to commit suicide. The suspect jumped into the ambulance, and a fight ensued between him and the driver. The ambulance guys managed to subdue him, but then a group of 4-6 people appeared to free their comrade.

Source: HLN (Dutch)

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