Lyons: Girl attacked for having non-Muslim boyfriend

An 18 year old French-Tunisian girl in the city of Lyons was shaved, kicked and locked up by her father (62) and brother (22). They were angry since she had a non-Muslim French boyfriend. The father and brother were arrested Friday and confessed to mishandling their daughter/sister. The father told the police that the reasons behind it were theft and "other bad behavior".

According to a local newspaper ''Le Progr├Ęs", this all happened under the watchful eye of her mother. The father held her down to the ground while her brother partially shaved her. Afterwards they kicked her, threatened to kill her and locked her up in the bathroom. There the girl wanted to jump out the window and poison herself with bleach. She was saved by the appearance of her sister. She then complained by the police.

France is the European leader in marriages between non-Western immigrants and ethnic locals. According to a 2005 report by French statistics bureau Insee, 46% of Algerians and 36% of Moroccans marry ethnic French. That's also 46% among French and Tunisians with Tunisian roots.

In comparison, a 2003 report of the Dutch Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute puts those numbers by the Dutch Moroccans at 13% and by the Turks at 11%.

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