Netherlands: Petition against Burka-ban

A petition against the upcoming Burka Ban has been set up on the internet by Muslim women.
The petition says that everybody has freedom of expression in the Netherlands and that includes clothing such as the burka. Muslim women of all types are indignant at this discussion and see an eventual ban as oppression. The equation of burka to balaclavas and helmets is shocking to these women since a burka is a religious expression and the other two have connections to criminality.

The peitition goes on to say that we live in a multicultural society and that means that besides that Dutch culture there are other cultures present. In order to live well with each other we need to reciprocally show respect for each other, and remember the slogan "what you you don't want done to you, don't do to others". Integration does not mean assimilation.

The Dutch are accused of being hypocrites - teaching their kids to understand the "other" on the one hand, but being shown an example of intolerance at the same time. The Dutch culture must be the norm and the ethnic Dutch can feel superior, pointing a punishing finger at what they see as an inferior group. Forcing your own vision of freedoms on the other people living in your country in this way is a very alarming and polarising act that will lead to more friction between Muslims and non-Muslim.

The petition declares that women who walk about veiled are not oppressed. The fact that these women continue irrespective of the (political) harassments and continue to go with raised heads to work, school and around town, shows great courage and perseverance, which should be rewarded and not punished. It is a question of acceptance. Nothing hampers a woman from taking part in work and the social lifes besides the dominant arrogance of some ethnic Dutch, driven on by politicians such as Verdonk, Pastors and Wilders.

The petition says that Muslim women are emancipated and their clothing is an expression of it. It goes on to compare the burka to the modern western occupation with women's looks, saying that make-up is the Wester's niquab. Muslim women want to be judged on their merits and not on their looks.

Lastly the petition deals with the charge of terrorism, asking how many women wearing a niquab have been charged with terrorism and going on to say that there should be laws against beards first, before talking about the burka.

Source: Anti Burka Ban Petition (Dutch)


Ferdy said...

Not only a petition, they are organizing a demonstration.

Next Thursday: Burqa power in Den Haag!

For more info see, geenstijl:

And newspaper De Volkskrant:

Yorkshireminer said...

If they wanted to show respect they would take off their bin liners. The Doublethink of these people is just astounding.