Helsinki: Jihadists claim responsibility for bomb

Helsinki: Jihadists claim responsibility for bomb

Update: more in English here.

Via Helsingin Sanomat (h/t Tundra Tabloids):

Jihadi websites are claiming responsibility for a bomb defused in Helsinki Friday morning. A message in Arabic and Finnish signed by 'Abu Suleiman Al Nasser and supporters of the Global Jihad' says they placed the bomb and hopes they'll be more successful next time.

Terrorism analyst Evan Kohlmann reports on his Twitter feed that Abu Sulaiman "emphasized the significance of a molotov cocktail attack on Friday targeting a gas station in Tapaninvainio."

The Finnish Security Service is taking the claims seriously.

Recently Abu Sulaiman al-Nasser called for attacks against Finnish troops in Afghanistan. He also called for a wave of arson attacks in Europe. “We want to set Europe on fire this summer”, he writes, adding that the countries will have to invest large sums of money in security, which will ruin their economy.