Mullah Krekar: I fight the West from my apartment in Oslo

Mullah Krekar: I fight the West from my apartment in Oslo

Via VG (1, 2):

In an interview to an Iraqi al-Qaeda channel, Mullah Krekar spoke of his life and activities in Norway. The interview was published June 10th, and was posted on various Jihadist websites.

Krekar explained that he participates in the battle against the West from his Oslo apartment. He also uses the opportunity to complain about life in Norway.

"For nine years I've been a hostage in my own house, without the most basic of rights owed to a living being. Without a residence permit, without a work permit, without a right to own anything, without a passport, without freedom of association."

He said that he used to work as an imam at an Oslo mosque, and that in the past nine years he's moved his activities to the internet.

"I opened a net-university, 150 are now taking the final exam."

He also established himself as an authority for his follows and answers questions on Islamic law (fatwas).

"I've given 10,000 sermons and 70,000 answers to questions on Islamic law." Which comes out to 200 fatwas a day.

Krekar says he doesn't plan to quit.

"I've written 20 books, including encyclopedias and treatises on Islamic law. I never retired. Who says I've retired? Why do the infidels continue with their hostile actions against me then?"

The interview starts off with an Islamic call to prayer and sounds of machine-guns. He vows never to give up the battle for Islamic world domination.

"I will continue to support the Jihad and the Mujahedin publicly, until our Caliphate returns and gets its well-deserved place in world society."

A lot of the interview deals with Krekar himself and the resistance against what Krekar calls the occupation of Iraq by the US. He calls to unite the groups fighting against the Iraqi government and the Western forces in the country. He also calls for Jihad in his homeland of northern Iraq, Kurdistan. "

Kurdistan is still fertile ground for battle and Jihad," says Krekar.

In the interview Krekar praises Bin Laden and calls him a 'martyr' for all Muslims.

"The fact that he was alive, just his picture and the sound of his voice, was like psychological warfare for the enemies of our Islamic nation."

Krekar compared Bin Laden to famous Islamic warriors.

"He clearly has a place with Saladin, Tariq ibn Ziyad and Mohammed Fateh , who forced the West to bow their heads before our Islamic nation."

All three fought the Christians. Saladin fought the Western fought the Crusaders in the Middle East and established the Ayyubid dynasty. Fateh conquered Constantinople in 1453, and Ibn Ziyad conquered much of today's Spain in 711.

Krekar's lawyer, Brynjar Meling, says Krekar informed the Norwegian authorities of his educational activities last August. He couldn't say whether Krekar is making money from the school, who studies there and how students are selected. The school is run in chat-room, and it's partially teaching and partially discussions.