Spain: Islamic Board criticizes the persecution of Christians and Jews in the Muslim world

Spain: Islamic Board criticizes the persecution of Christians and Jews in the Muslim world

Via La Razón (Spanish, h/t Webislam):

The Spanish Islamic Board (Junta Islámica de España) has come out against the persecution and inequality suffered by religious minorities in the Arab world and other Islamic countries, and called to respect minorities, especially when it comes to Christians and Jews.

The Islamic Board demands that all Muslim and Muslim governments act in accordance with the principles of Islam, which advocates social peace, respect and recognition of your fellow's religious beliefs, even more when it comes to Christians and Jews, which the Koran sees as religions of the Book.

The Islamic Board says that Muslims in Europe, just like the Christians in the Islamic world, are a religious minority, and in that sense share some of the evils of that social status, such as discrimination, persecution, xenophobia, prejudice, defamation, exclusion, rejection, infringements of rights and demonization.

The Muslims in Europe, the Islamic Board says, know the discrimination and rejection of society, the media and politicians, towards those who practice a different religious belief, and therefore they understand and sympathize with Christian communities and groups and other minorities in the Islamic world based on denomination, creed or philosophy.

The Islamic Board advocates religious rights for Muslims and other faiths, in addition to promoting the rule of law, established on the basis of secularism and freedom of conscience. They promote interfaith dialog and coexistence between different cultures, and therefore they want to conduct their discourse and projects in the spirit of harmony, respect and inter-religious exchange.

The Islamic Board therefore rejects confrontation between religious and ethnic groups in the Arab world and denounces the persecution and inequality experienced by some religious minorities in the Arab and Muslim world. They pray to God to end the injustice and inequality in the world and call upon the leaders and citizens to go back to the values of humanism, which are fundamental to the meeting between peoples and civilizations.