Odense: 'The Vollsmose Outlaws rule here'

Odense: 'The Vollsmose Outlaws rule here'

Via JP, Fyens Stiftstidende (Danish):

A new video clip was recently posted on YouTube, showing about 15 immigrant youth mocking and harassing two police officers in Vollsmose, Odense. The clip was created by the youth, and ends with the words 'F*ck the system, the Vollsmose Outlaws rule here'.

The clip was taken May 18th, when two police officers arrested a man on a stolen scooter. At one point one of the group steals a police radio, and the police officer chases them to get it back. The clip is accompanied by mocking subtitles.

Peter Ibsen, head of the police union, says that this disrespectful behavior towards police officers in Vollsmose is 'totally unacceptable'. He says that this is blatant disrespect for police work, and that the clip unfortunately gives a very good picture of the conditions in which the police have to deal with in these areas.

Ibsen demands the police be given the necessary resources so there's no doubt about who's enforcing law and order. "It's something we as a society simply can't live with."