Germany: Neo-Nazi victim's girl slams police racism

Germany: Neo-Nazi victim's girl slams police racism

Via the Local:
Just a few days before a national memorial service is due to be held for the victims of a neo-Nazi terror cell, the daughter of one of those killed has criticised the racist attitudes of the police.

Semiya Simsek said she and her family were treated badly by police investigating the murder of her father who was the first of nine Turkish and Greek shopkeepers to be shot to death in the string of killings between 2000 and 2006.


“For years the police tried to get something out of us that was not there. We were accused of keeping quiet because we are Turks. We were not believed because are Turks,” Simsek, who was 14 when her father Enver was shot dead in 2000.

Speaking to the Tagesspiegel on Saturday, Simsek said the actions of the investigating authorities had been so unpleasant that she, “lost my trust in this state, although I was born here.”