Sweden: Brother accused of beating, forcing sister to strip in 'honor crime'

Sweden: Brother accused of beating, forcing sister to strip in 'honor crime'

Via Skanskan.se:

A 29-year old resident of LUnd in southern Sweden was charged with threats, coercion, abuse and molestation for beating his little sister (18) in the family home and then forcing her to undress down to her underwear in a nearby playground. The police and prosecution are viewing the incident as honor-related violence.

The brother gave his sister several blows to the face and kicked her in the hip. He threatened to break her arm if she didn't give him her cellphone and told her he would be willing to sit in jail to see her dead.

The woman had been engaged to a man in her parents' homeland, but had left him last year because he beat her.

The woman's mother defends her son and condemns her daughter's actions. she told the police that her daughter had ruined her life because ten police officers had come to the family home because of her.

The brother was in police custody for several days last June. He had confesses to the crimes, but has since then changed his approach and claims innocence. He says his sister had received her injuries, which were documented in a medical center, when she jumped off a roof.

The case was reported to the police by the principal of the sister's school.

Three of the sister's girlfriends will be testifying as witnesses. two of them were there when the brother forced his sister to undress. The brother had said his sister was no longer worth the clothing and jewelry she had received from their parents. His sister did what he wanted for fear of being beaten, but she refused to give up her mobile phone and stuffed it into her bra.

During the conflict the phone rang, which made the brother even more upset and he twisted his sister's arm.