Sweden: Father abducts 15-year old girl from foster care

Sweden: Father abducts 15-year old girl from foster care

The Local recently reported the story of a 15-year-old girl who was abducted by four armed men from her foster home. One of the men was her father. The family came from Iraq a few years ago, but it was unclear what's the story behind it all.

Radio Sweden interviewed one of the father's former employees and friends who says as follows: "He is not violent in nature. He is not Muslim, this has nothing to do with Islam. Many times he has told me he's against this type of culture. He didn't like it."

What does this friend mean when he says the father is 'not Muslim'? Though it might be taken to mean that he subscribes to a different faith, from the context I understand the father comes from a Muslim family/Muslim culture, but did not consider himself a religious Muslim.

The father's company deals with currency exchange and the friend says there's a greater chance this is about money than an honor issue or forced marriage.

In a related story, Sweden Radio reports the Sweden has turned to Interpol to find a 14-year old girl. Swedish police fear the girl had been abducted by her parents a year ago in order to marry her off.