Malmö: Joint Jewish, Muslim and Christian organization established

Malmö: Joint Jewish, Muslim and Christian organization established

Via SR (h/t Muslimska friskolan)

Jewish, Muslim and Christian communities in Malmö established the Agora, a joint association, a first for the city.

According to Ann Aldén of the Västra Skrävlinge church, the project was founded because of segregation.

"We see that there's a 'we and them' attitude developing in Malmö, people don't know each other. Malmö is a segregated city and this allows the growth of suspicions and fear, and we see that it does."

The association was also started to combat xenophobia, anti-religious hate crimes and discrimination. The association, which wants to target youth, will work with schools and also intends to starts a web-TV channel.

Ann Aldén says they hope to reach more people via the TV medium and allow people to meet other people and share their experiences and feelings, thereby leading to changes within the viewers.

Bejzat Becirov from the Islamic Center, says that religious communities have a big opportunity to better society.

"Society is built on religions, regardless of which. When faith is outside, it means that people are outside society. When religious are included, it can be an improvement."

Ann Aldén also thinks that religions can contribute to something good and hopes that they can improve Malmö.

"We hope for a safer Malmö and a more open Malmö, where people aren't afraid of each other."