Belgium: 1.3 million immigrant voters

Belgium: 1.3 million immigrant voters

Via Knack:

According to sociologist Jan Hertogen, about 1.3 million immigrants will participate in the next municipal elections.  They are required by law to vote because they were naturalized (1.1. million) or because they signed up for the elections (0.2 million).  In total they make up 16.7% of the voters: 9.8% in Flanders, 18.1% in Wallonia and 62.3% in the Brussels Region.  In Antwerp they make up 36.3% of the voters, in Ghent 25.8% and in Mechelen 22.8%.

89.2% of Turks are obligated to vote, as well as 88.4% of Moroccans, 75.4% of Italians, 56.2% of French immigrants and 47.8% of Dutch immigrants.

Of the 575,000 foreigners who will not participate in the elections: 100,000 are from outside the EU and about 475,000 are from the EU.

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